So what is this blog about, anyway?

Life’s Books is, just as its name suggests, about life and books. More specifically, it discusses the lessons one can learn from books and attempts to connect them to real life. However, most posts are about random things that happen in life

How is this blog organized?

Most of the posts on this blog are about life: happenings, opinions, and pretty much anything else you can think of. They are organized depending on their topic under Dog MattersEarn Happiness, Psychology, Health, Tips or Heart to Blog.

There are series of posts that begin a book. After that, most of the lessons one can learn from that book are taken and explored in depth in separate posts. However, the posts are all categorized depending on their main topic. Books either go under Fiction or Non-Fiction, while the subsequent articles go under the categories about life that I mentioned above. Occasionally, there are posts that don’t fall under either of these categories.

How do you decide which lessons you will expand upon?

Typically, if I find a lesson very interesting, or I simply have a lot to say on it, I will write its own post. However, I am always open to suggestions, so if you would really like to read more on a particular one, then let me know!

How can I get involved?

If you have any suggestions for books, topics you’d like me to discuss, would like to see some improvements or just share your thoughts and experiences, I want to hear them! Either leave me a comment, or email me at . I’m waiting to hear from you!



Let me know what you think!

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