The Nose of a Baby Dog


Here is the first photo that I found, and which made me smile throughout the entire evening. This is a picture of Lupu, one of my dogs, when he was about one month old.

There was nothing particularly special about the moment in which I took the picture. If I remember correctly, I had gone out to take a picture of the book that I was reading, so that I could post it on this blog. Of course, Lupu had to follow me and inspect what I was doing. Luckily, I had finished taking the picture of the book, and so I sat down and allowed him to see my camera. And by “see” I mean stick his nose on it, as this picture shows.

After this, he started running around the yard, which he did for most of the day, and I took pictures of him. From time to time, I’d call him to me, and he would come running straight into my arms. Then, he proceeded to bite my hands, because that was his favorite way of playing.

Now Lupu is much bigger than he was at that time, and quite honestly, it’s a bit hard for me to believe that he could have ever been this tiny. But then again, here is the proof!



Old Photos


Today, I decided to look thorough some of the old photos that had been gathering on my USB.

It’s a strange feeling, really, to see a picture, and remember the exact moment you took it, everything that happened before it, and after it. It’s like a little story that unfolds before your mind’s eye. But it’s so much more than that, because having lived through it makes the story a thousand times more amazing. Not in the sense that it’s necessarily better. But it has more emotional value, and it’s in that emotional value that makes it somehow exceptional.

And it’s not even huge, important moments necessarily. Maybe it’s something as simple as a beautiful flower you saw. Or maybe it’s a picture of a gorgeous scenery, that was taken at a moment when you felt really peaceful. It doesn’t really matter, because you’re taken back there, and you relive those moments.

Or maybe…maybe you don’t remember what had happened when you took that picture. Perhaps you’re just looking at it, smiling because you have no clue what was so special about that moment that you thought it needed to be immortalized.

Because photos, and the story they carry with them can be so interesting, I decided to open up a new section on this blog, called PS, which here stands for Photo and Story. Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 .