3 Simple Tips to Start Saving

Lately, the topic of saving money has been on my mind more than usual. It’s probably because I realized the money I am spending on clothing, home decorations and other such things, could be spent on experiences that would contribute to my development as a person, as opposed to stuff that will probably end up in the garbage. Perhaps even more relevant, I could use the money I’m not spending to start saving up for the future.

Via Pixabay

Here are some of the techniques I’ve been using the past few weeks. I just love how simple, yet effective they are:

1) Create, Don’t Buy

I love decorating my home. I love getting stuff that speaks to my heart, and which makes my home…a little homier. Nevertheless, home decor can get pretty expensive, and I don’t want to leave my wallet bleeding to make my heart smile.

The solution? DIY projects.

There are two main benefits to doing this: first of all, you save money, which is what this post is all about. Second, you recycle, thus helping the environment. You can easily change up a few old objects around your home, giving them a new look and a new life. Plus, you can reduce waste by using some of the stuff you’d normally throw out. Something I’ve been doing is creating pretty containers from used cans. Another thing that I love to do is find out new ways of reusing plastic bottles.

Here are two lovely articles on re-using bottles and cans:


 2) Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

It’s easy to get attached to stuff, and refuse to get it out of your home, even well after you’ve stopped using it. Here’s the thing though: you could be making money off it! So, be a little heartless with your objects and real with yourself: what will you probably never use again? Take them all out, and sort them: keep what you can transform through DIY into usable things, and sell the rest. This way, instead of collecting dust, your stuff could be bringing you money.


3) Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used Things

Yup, buying stuff doesn’t have to leave your wallet empty. If there’s something that you need, try to think if you can buy it used. Clothing and furniture are just two examples of what you don’t need to buy new.


These tips are pretty simple, but in the long run, they could really save you quite a bit of money. Plus, you won’t be hurting the environment as much, which is equally satisfying.

Have fun saving!




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