Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris


Today we’re exploring diabetes with owls. Special guest? David Sedaris.

Well, actually, we’re not. This book’s a collection of humoristic essays from Sedaris’ life (plus a few fictional ones), so the title sorta had to be broken from the world of the absurd. There are owls in this book though (not just on the cover ).

I loved this book for bedtime reading, which is why the picture above is the way it is. Inspired, huh? What I can’t say I loved quite as much were those fictional essays of his. I suppose they provided a nice break from the other essays, but I wasn’t looking for a break from them, which is probably why they didn’t work for me. Some of them I found straight out too dark to be part of this book, and quite frankly, this annoyed me a little. But thankfully, they were only a few, so it didn’t ruin the whole book. Yaay!

There are plenty of life lessons in this one, but I must say: I didn’t try that hard to look for them. Rather, I simply enjoyed the book and its stories, as I felt that this is the way this book should be read.

Nevertheless, I’m not gonna go without giving you the overall lesson that kept jumping out from the pages of these essays. It just wouldn’t be right, considering this blog:

You can get a laugh out of nearly every life situation.

Of course there are some life situations even the most devoted comedian should leave aside and not explore. But most of them? They’re hella funny! Change the angle you’re looking from, or pay closer attention to the details around you. Who knows? This may make your life better. I’d recommend your read David Sedaris for a lesson into the art of funny-ing everything.



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