Making Fun of “Fat People” Exercising

Via pixabay
Via pixabay

Want to know something that really makes me furious? Making fun of overweight people who are exercising.

Making fun of people in general is not the kind of activity anyone should be engaging in, to tell you the truth, but I want to concentrate on this specific situation for now.

Let’s be clear on one thing: those “fat people” are out there, in the gym, outside, or wherever else you might see them, already feeling self conscious as all hell. They most probably not enjoying what they’re doing, as even the smallest movement can feel absolutely horrible for them.  Add all of this to the fact that they are under the impression that they look odd while exercising, and what you’ve got is a worsening of the self-conscious effect. In all fairness, they might look odd, but this isn’t because of their weight, but simply because of the fact that they’re doing something that they haven’t really done before, or something they’re not used to. Even a very thin person would look strange doing an exercise that he or she has never done before.

Despite knowing all this, despite being fully aware that they look the way they look, and actually probably thinking that they look a lot worse that they actually do, they are out there, exercising. They are out there, trying to change their current situation.

If anything, that deserves respect and encouragement. Now, you might be thinking to yourself “But I am in no way obligated to encourage someone I don’t know.” That is completely true! You are not. But what you should do is keep your mouth shut at least, as that will not make the person feel even worse about themselves.



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