Memory Month Day 27: Putting it All Together

Via pixabay
Via pixabay

This entire month has been quite an interesting month, memory wise. Getting to use those 4 different memory retention techniques has really been a challenge at times, because it can be hard to find more than one way to use the same technique.

Nevertheless, I am glad I had the challenge, simply because it made the month of February that much more interesting, and that’s what I’m all about.

How has this year’s challenge been different from last year’s? For starters, the methods used this year were aimed more towards concepts than details. Indeed, last year I concentrated more on methods that help you remember simple things, such as phone numbers, and names of people you’ve just met. That is, with the exception of the memory palace, which was present in this year’s challenge as well, since it was just so fascinating.

That being said, I realized recently that the tests I took last year to see whether my memory improved might not be the best indication of an improvement from this year, since I was concentrating on a slightly different aspect. But hey! Memory is still memory, so I’ll take the tests again, but I’m not actually expecting an improvement. Just a fair warning.


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