Memory Day 24: A Message from Captain Obvious

Via Wikipedia

As you’re probably already aware, the memory palace works on a pretty simple principle: if you want to remember something, you have to create images in your mind that remind you of that object or concept, and place them in your memory palace. The more funny, outrageous and just overall creative the images, the better, because it means that you’ll just be that much more likely to remember.

Of course, this only works if you actually step into your memory palace in the first place. It doesn’t matter how great and vivid the images are, if don’t even get to walk in the mental space that holds them.

That’s what happened to me today; I forgot to enter my memory palace in the first place, which means that I didn’t remember that there even was a list for me to remember.

Here’s what happened: I decided to start with a little exercise, and gave myself a list to remember. You know, just to get myself warmed up. I wrote the list down, so I could check it back later, and I tried to come up with some images to plant in my memory palace. I was supposed to check back a few hours later to see how well I could remember them, and guess what! I completely forgot to do it! It wasn’t until later when I actually saw the written-down list that I remembered about my little task.

Well, what can I say…that didn’t quite go as planned. I’ll try again tomorrow, and see if I have better results.

At least I learnt something! For the memory palace to work, you actually have to use it.

That’s about it from me today! Now I’ll go dress as Captain Obvious and save the day some more 😀


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