Memory Month Day 19: How to Connect Numbers to Yourself

Via flickr

Since this week’s theme has been relating concepts to one’s self, I tried my best to figure out how to use this for as many things as possible. You see, when it comes to concepts you learn at school, it’s fairly straight forward (or so I hope). You take a concept, and pick apart the things you already knew about it (hence connecting it to you), and then connect the remaining pieces of information to those you already know.

This is a simple thing in theory, of course, because it becomes much harder when you actually have to apply it. That picking apart process can take quite a while, but as I’ve said many times before, in order for a piece of information to stick, you have to spend time with it.

I’ve talked in a previous day about how you can use this method to remember what you need to buy, though it might not be the best method out there for that.

Well, today I’d like to talk about how to use it to memorize phone numbers, and whatever other kinds of numbers you might need to. So, let’s say for instance that you have 754-381. 7 might be your lucky number, while 54 might have been the number of one of the apartments at which you lived during your first years of college. 38 might be your current age, while 1…well, there’s just 1 of you, right?

I think you get the point, and it’s a really awesome trick that can help get those numbers stuck to your memory once and for all.


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