Memory Month Day 18: The End of an Era

via ctv

As some of you might know, The Mentalist is one of my favorite TV shows. Or was, I guess I should say.

Today was the last episode from this awesome series, which makes me both sad and happy. Well, more sad than happy, really, since it means that I won’t get to see any new episodes anymore.

But anyhow, the reason I decided to dedicate today’s post to this show is because it was this show that started Memory Month, more or less. Indeed, it was because I watched it that I read “How to Be a Mentalist”, by Simon Winthrop. One of the lessons in that book was that you had to improve your memory,and that’s where I got the idea for this challenge from.

I have read a few comments on the TV show’s facebook page saying that after the Red John thing was over, the show lost all its charm, and I gotta say, I disagree with that. I thought it was great that they could make a final season, in which they had the chance of wrapping the whole show up. I really don’t appreciate sudden ends, though they do seem to happen now and then.


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