Memory Month Day 17: Just Flowers and Sun

Via wikipedia

Today was quite an uneventful day, both in terms of this challenge, and in general terms. However, I did get to relax, which was quite nice.

The sun was shining, and so I had the perfect opportunity to spend some time feeling its warmth on my skin, which I haven’t done in a very long while. Also, today was the first day when I heard birds singing, and because of that, I decided to take out my earphones, and enjoy their songs, rather than the ones on my Ipod, which I can listen to during the winter months, unlike the birds’ ones.

Being in nature has this power of energizing me like nothing else out there. It’s like the green grass and the blue of of the sky are the ultimate coffee, capable of giving me strength, and of calming me down, the latter of which coffee isn’t the best at.

I love this time of year for several reasons, one of which is flowers. They are starting to show up everywhere, and seeing them enriching the sight truly makes me happy.

Today was a good day!


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