Memory Month Day 16: Using My Mind as an Agenda

Via wikipedia

Improving one’s memory means, among other things, being able to remember to do things, without writing them down, which is just what I did today.

For instance, I was about to go grocery shopping, and I knew that there were a few things I had to get. To honor this week’s theme, I did it by relating to myself. For instance, I had to get peppers, and since I love peppers in my salad, I thought of that.

Unintentionally, there was one thing that I didn’t end up relating to myself when trying to remember to do it. The result? I completely forgot about it.

Of course, this isn’t the best way of testing the effectiveness of this method, but here’s the thing: simply making a mental note to do something, won’t be enough. That’s because it’s much more likely for you to forget all about it, unless there’s something that can trigger your memory.

When you relate it to yourself, on the other hand, you engage your mind a bit more, hence increasing your chances to actually remember it without any external help. Of course, no method is bulletproof, so just keep that in mind 🙂 .


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