Memory Month Day 14: Human Capacity Pushed to the Max

Via idigitaltimes

It was so appropriate that today was the day I saw one of my friends for the first time in weeks. When school gets out of hand, everything else about my life tends to get put on hold. You know, like the entire personal side of it…

Well, today was the day that I finally got my personal life back, and it felt amazing. I’ve always thought that Valentine’s Day is about love in general, so whether you spend it with your partner, family, a friend, a pet,or even yourself, you should think of it as that. I don’t think anyone should feel bad today, though, of course, many do.

After having a very nice dinner, my friend and I went to watch a movie, and it was Kingsman:The Secret Service. I loved the movie, because it was very enjoyable throughout. I can’t say that there was even a moment in which it felt dull, which is one of the reasons I found it so enjoyable. The plot itself was quite interesting, and it didn’t hurt that  Colin Firth was in it, as he is one of my favorite actors.

One of the things that this movie got me thinking about was the capacity of a human being, and from that, I was a mere step away from thinking of the capacity of a human brain. In the movie, you see people doing spectacular things, such as moving incredibly fast, and making remarkable decisions under an enormous amount of pressure.

Now, of course, the human body and mind are capable of extraordinary things, but there is a point at which we have to draw the line. You know, the everything-up-to-here-is-possible,-but-beyond-this-is-not line. The interesting thing here is where exactly do we draw that line? I think many people have their own, different theories for this, which is what makes this question that much better.

Any suggestions?


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