Memory Month Day 13: The Lucky Friday 13

Via Pixabay

This Friday was one of those days …one of those amazing days. First of all, I got to write my two midterms that I’ve been talking about for what feels like an eternity. The writing itself wasn’t what felt amazing, but the fact that it’s over with.

Actually, even the act of writing those exams gave me an interesting feeling. I spoke about this in my last year’s Memory Month, but it’s such an amazing feeling that I think it deserves one, or possibly more, posts per year.

It’s amazing how the body handles stress, you know? I was stressed this entire week, but when I was writing the midterms, I could concentrate that stress into what I was doing. Plus, even though I was quite tired before having to sit the exams, during them, I felt as awake as ever…actually, even after them, because it takes a while for the body and mind to come back to that neutral state.

Stress can be great like this, but only in low doses. The second it becomes chronic, it also becomes a problem. This is yet another reason why you should take the advice I gave you in yesterday’s post. Even when you’re under a lot of pressure find time to relax somehow. Not only will it give you a better focus afterwards, but it will also keep you sane. Also, chronic stress can impair memory, and that’s not what any of us want. I certainly want an improved memory, not an impaired one. And this is not just because of this challenge. I’d like my memory working at all times, thank you very much.


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