Memory Month Day 12: Relax If You Want to Get Anything Done Well

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Since tomorrow I knew I was going to have two midterms, today I was extremely stressed. But that’s ok, because I had the perfect way to de-stress, before getting down to some more studying.

This summer, I started taking horseback riding lessons, and have since learnt that there are few things in this world that get me as calm as riding. I would have never thought that this would be true, but it is.

It’s a bit counter intuitive to think that before getting important work done (such as for a project, or studying for midterms, in my case), it would be a good idea to first do something that relaxes you. However, it is indeed a good idea, and here’s why: if you try to get work done while your mind is drowning in stress, you won’t be very efficient.

Of course, when you can barely pay attention to what you’re doing, how can you expect to do a good job?

On the other hand, if you get to take a minute and do something that relaxes you, whether that be meditating, running, or even just drinking a hot cup of tea while listening to your favorite song, you will be able to come back with a more focused mind.


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