Memory Month Day 11: A Bit of the Past

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Today I had part one of a midterm, and guess what! I did NOT get to use the stuff for which I made up stories, or looked online for background. It is a bit frustrating, not gonna lie, but all is not lost, because there will be a second part to this midterm, and I bet I will have a chance to use it there.

The great thing, however, is that I did have a chance to use the information for which I created mind maps! I was very happy to have made them, despite the fact that this week’s center theme are not mind maps. However, as I said before, they are terribly useful at organizing things, and I used them for that, to keep my concepts in order.

Last week I was bored on my break between classes, and so I memorized two phone numbers from my contact list. Despite it not really relating to any of the themes I chose for this year’s memory month, I thought it would be a good way to bring up some of the themes from last year.

Well, today I checked to see how well I could remember those phone numbers, and I discovered that I remembered them decently well…except for one digit in both the phone numbers. Even so, I’m okay with this, though I think I will still keep trying to remember phone numbers to improve my memory in that regard. It’s a great exercise!


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