Memory Month Day 10: How to Put “Fun” in Studying

Via wikipedia

Yes, I am aware that the letters F, U and N are not found in that sequence in the word studying, and that F is missing entirely, but I’ve used all my available wittiness when I studied today, as I tried to come up with stories to remember certain bits and pieces of the material that I need to know for tomorrow’s midterm (for which I am not, in the least bit, excited, by the way).

The first thing I did was to literally come up with a simple plot to remember 4 words, which was easy enough (and I just double-checked, and I still remember them, which means that the method worked..well, at least so far it has).

The next thing I did was look up more details online for a few topics that proved to be more difficult to remember otherwise, which was also great, because the added details helped solidify my knowledge.


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