Memory Month Day 7: The Thing about Mind Maps

Via deviantart

Ok, so today was the last day of mind mapping things in order to help my memory. Being it the last day, I can tell you a little something I learned about mind maps and how they work.

See, here’s the thing: I wanted to use mind maps to help me remember things, but they’re not so great at that. I mean, sure, they help out to some degree, but they are not nearly as good as other mnemonic devices, such as the ones I used last year.

I think that’s because mind maps are better-suited for organizing concepts and thoughts, and grouping them together. At that, they’re great, and I will keep on using them when I have to study.

But in order for a method to be really useful at helping you memorize things, it has to be vivid, and help you create as many connections in your head as possible. The more vivid, the better, because that’s how it will help info stick into your mind, and hopefully remain there for as long as you need it.



Let me know what you think!

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