Memory Month Day 4: Up Till Midnight

Via Wikipedia

The start of this semester has been pretty great, in terms of my sleeping habits. Sure, there have been the occasional days in which I went to sleep later than I should have, but most days I was pretty good.

Well, tonight I was up until about midnight studying for the midterm next day, which was not fun. Not fun at all. But you know what made it fun? The fact that I was studying with a friend! As you already might know, friends have this awesome way of turning even the suckiest (yes, this is now a word…that I made up) situations into fun ones.

Also, in terms of memory, it greatly helps to be with someone, and try to remember things together. While this method might not have been included in this month, it is, nevertheless, a great way to get things to stick with you. That is, of course, if you and your friend don’t get distracted by each other. Then it might be problematic.

So, no mind maps for today. Instead, you’re getting a tip, which is this: always study with a friend if possible!


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