Memory Month Day 3: The Subcategory Incident

Via Wikipedia

Mind maps are much harder than they might appear at first. Sure, if you’re used to them, then they’re fairly easy to use. If you haven’t used them much, then they might seem easy. Intuitive, even. But once you actually attempt to use them, you run into difficulties.

Last time I made a mind map about a concept that was quite straight-forward. The topic itself went smack in the middle of the page, and whatever subcategories, definitions, and examples I had were connected to it with lines. All well and good.

But today I got to a topic that seemed more complicated. It had lots of subcategories, and the subcategories themselves had subcategories, and honestly, there were times when I was all confused about which subcategory goes under what subcategory. In essence, there were lots of subcategories flying around. I think you get the point.

I was a little frustrated at first, and thought to myself “Oh man, look at all the work I have to do!”. Right after thinking that, however, my brain came back from its short-lived vacation, and I remembered that memorizing things was all about engaging with them in as many ways as possible. Yeah, I had to actually…work.

Luckily, after remembering this, I didn’t feel so bad about the effort I had to put in, which was great.


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