Memory Month Day 2: The Test-Taking Day

Via flickr

While the title might lead you to believe that taking a test is in any way, shape, or form special, it’s not, because there will be a few more of these days for me in this month. (But just a side note, they are special, in terms of the worrying that seems to spike just before I am taking a test. What a coincidence!)

The reason today is special is because it was the first time I got to use the mind map technique for remembering things, and then put it to the test. Literally. “And, how was it?”, you might be wondering.

Well…I didn’t actually get tested on the material I made a mind map for, so….let the violins of disappointment start playing.

While I can’t tell you for sure how helpful it was, what I can tell you is that while I was reviewing the material just before the class, the mind map was the easiest one for me to use to trigger my memory, and figure out which concepts go where. In this case, it was all about models and theories for health-related behavior, and it was a whole lot easier for me to figure it out which subcategory goes under which model.

So, not such a successful day at applying this week’s method…but hey! There are a lot more possibilities to give it a shot, as I’ll be having another midterm later this week.


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