Memory Month, Here We Go Again

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Hello my dears!

I hope you are having a wonderful start of the weekend!

Today is the last day of January, which means that tomorrow we get thrown into February. I can’t believe that the first month of the new year is already over.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t for me to ponder at how fast time goes by, but to let you know that February means Memory Month for me. As such, I’ll be posting one post each day, letting you know about my quest for memory improvement.

If you don’t know what Memory Month is, that’s ok, because it’s something that I pretty much made up. It’s essentially a challenge for me to make my memory better, by trying different methods. Last year, which was also the first time Memory Month came about, I tried a variety of mnemonics to improve my memory, and it worked! I improved my scores at remembering letters and words. For numbers, not so much, but then again…I am ok with that.

Just a few minutes before starting to write this, I retook all of the tests, and I got some interesting results: my memory for numbers went down (not surprisingly, since I don’t deal a lot with numbers), but so did my memory for letter, although it was better than the very first time I took the test. Now, my memory for words, on the other hand, actually improved by one since the last time I took the test.

Here are captions with my results:




This month, however, things are going to be different from last, although you will see some overlap.

Here’s how this is going to go:

First week: Mind Maps

Second Week: Coming up with stories

Third week: Relating to one’s self

Fourth week: Memory Palace

I’ve already used one of this techniques when I was taking one of the tests above, namely the one with words (I constructed a rather nonsensical plot about a murder, which helped me remember words like bones and skull and agent).

Also, as you can see, the Memory Palace is once again used as the last method, just like it was last year. That’s just because it’s so complex that I think it deserves special treatment 😀 .

Finally, this year is going to be a little different, in that there is going to be something that I will be trying to practice throughout the entire month. In essence, I’ll try to eat healthier, exercise and relax more, as those factors have been repeatedly shown to help memory. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Wish me luck!


The first time I took the tests: MEMORY MONTH DAY 1: TIME OF TRUTH

The results of the same tests after Memory Month was over: THE RESULTS ARE IN: HAS MEMORY MONTH IMPROVED MY MEMORY?

Want to take the same tests I took? Go to Braingle

Get in touch with me!  🙂



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