The Why-Did-I-Just-Do-that? Moment

Via wikipedia

Have you had any moments in which you do something, and right the next second after you’ve done it, you want to slam your head against the nearest hard object? Then, for the next few moments, there’s something inside you saying “WHY? WHY?”. This doesn’t even have to be something terribly important, but it still doesn’t seem to dial down that frustration form the first few seconds.

They are things that are just so stupid, like, for instance, pressing “!” instead of “?”, and right after pressing the send button, so that your brain doesn’t even have the time to process the mistake. I’ve done it with letters, too. One time, for instance, I told my friend that I love to send nice “texys”, instead of “texts”.

If the mistake is of no serious consequence, the frustration is bound to go away very fast, and all that is left is the humor of the whole thing. But if the mistake leads to more important issues, then…well, that’s a problem.

But you see, our brains go on automatic quite often. This is crucial, because you don’t want to be spending important energy resources on things that are quite easy, especially when you don’t have that kind of energy. This, on most occasions, allows you to increase efficiency, while decreasing costs.

But, sometimes, one cost (ie, energy) is reduced, while other costs are increased (for instance, looking like an idiot in front of your boss). What do you usually do in such situations? If I can, I usually just admit to having made a mistake, and if there is a reason that I know of, I mention it. For instance, I’ll say “I apologize about that, I was in a rush”.

Usually, even the most awkward situations can be corrected 🙂


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