It’s in the Small Moments

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I talk about this a lot, but since we live in the society we do, I think it’s a topic that needs to be discussed more, until it becomes routine for us to think about it, as opposed to going out of our way to get it on our mind.

It’s about appreciation. And I don’t mean appreciation of the big things. That comes naturally, usually (and if it doesn’t, it might be due to some condition, such as depression). It makes sense to be happy when you get a promotion, when you graduate, or when you’re finally able to buy the car you’ve always wanted.

I am not talking about that kind of gratitude, but I am not saying we shouldn’t feel it. We should, of course!

The problem is this: big moments are few and far in between. No necessarily, but speaking from a general point of view, they are. But they’re obviously not the only kinds of moments we experience. We go through small ones, too, and I think those need a bit more loving thrown their way, especially since we experience so many small moments.

If we could learn to be thankful for those little things, we could bring more happiness into out lives, which is great news, isn’t it? Well, it’s all fun and games to talk about it, but once you try to implement it…that’s when the problems start arising.

We’re used to be in our own little worlds a bit too much nowadays, and this means that we no longer notice most of what goes on around us. But we should…Oh, we should.

A few days ago, for instance, I was walking to class, and I was in a hurry. Luckily, this didn’t stop me from seeing that there were flowers growing in a little spot, and that made me very happy (I do like both flowers and spring very much, hence the happiness).

This is just an example, and there are many more like it, that if you learn to look around you, you might just smile for longer, and feel better. It’s hard to do, no doubt, especially with all the available technology that we can use to distract yourselves. But it’s doable!


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