When Your Laptop Refuses to Cooperate

Via Pixabay

This past week has been filled with laptop issues. Well, I guess I should say “issue”, because it was the same one coming back over and over, but because it kept returning, I feel that putting it into plural is more appropriate. Plus, “issues” just sounds more dramatic than “issue”.

What happened was that my hard drive stopped working. Actually, it didn’t just completely stop working. Rather, it selectively worked, meaning that it chose when to work, and when not to. Of course, I am fully aware of the fact that the poor hard drive, having no consciousness whatsoever, could not choose what to do, but when you’re the one in front of the thing, trying to get it to work, you start demonizing it for not making the slightest effort to help out.

Initially, I hoped I was going to be able to use it for a few more weeks, and then take it to repair, but it became apparent to me that the situation was getting worse by the day, and so I finally gave in, and took it to the repair shop.

There, I was met by a very nice old man, who assured me that the problem will be solved by the next day, at which point I could come and pick it up. I went home, feeling happy that everything was going to be over soon, and that I could once again use my laptop.

Sure thing, the next day I took it home, but I soon noticed strange things starting to happen. First, there was a weird sound coming from it, which, despite the fact that it was pretty quiet, could still be heard by my over-attentive ears. Then, as I opened Word to start working, I noticed that it would take a while for the words I was typing to show up on screen. This caused some concern, but I eventually just brushed it off, thinking that maybe it’s like organ transplant in humans- it just takes a while for the rest of the body to get accustomed to the brand new part.

A few days later, my theory crushed and burned, as I spent 2 hours trying to turn on my laptop, and start working. It would either just not turn on, or, when it would, it would refuse to open any programs.

So I took it right back to the same repair shop, where the guys looked at it and said that the hard drive had some issues, and so they gave me a new one at no extra cost, of course. Now, there is still that funny sound, but at least my laptop is working, and I’ll take that, thank you very much. Also, I have an impressive collection of 2 hard drives that don’t work. Pretty cool, huh?


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