When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough


Trying to do something, and then failing at it utterly is never fun. And I mean never. There is only one thing that can make failing fun, and that is succeeding at that task later. (I spoke about this in my last post)

The problem is that sometimes, you keep on trying and trying and trying, and that success doesn’t seem to want to come. It just won’t.

And it sucks, especially when you feel as though you’ve given all that could, all that you had to that one task. When you’ve given your best, but you haven’t achieved what you were hoping to achieve, what do you do?

Do you back down, and try to look for something else to put your efforts into, or do you keep on trying and trying until you’ve finally succeeded?

There is no simple answer here, sadly. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…”No clear-cut answer in something to do with real life?! How very shocking…”

Indeed, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that things are usually more difficult in life than they seem, or than they should be. However, at least for me, this never ceases to be frustrating.

But here are my two cents on the whole matter: it all depends on enjoyment. If you’re doing something, you’re giving your best, and you’re not where you wish you could be, it’s ok. That is, as long as you’re still enjoying whatever you’re doing. If you feel good about it, and it makes you happy, keep at it. Chances are, there will come a day when your best will be good enough. Who knows? There might also come a day when your best is better than good enough.

Now, don’t think that the minute you start disliking or getting frustrated at something you usually like to do, you should quit. Goodness, not at all. There will always be times when you’ll feel frustrated, especially when you’re constantly putting in the best you can, but the results don’t seem to show that.

When you should really start thinking about whether something you like to do has turned into something that you used to like to do is when you’re feeling frustrated most of the time you’re doing it.

In essence, if Frustration > Happiness, or Enjoyment per total, it’s time to reconsider your position. Until then, keep at it!


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