Like Music to My Ears

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Today when coming home, I decided to turn my Ipod off, so that I could keep my mind clear enough to get my thoughts in order. I have spoken before about the benefits of unplugging sometimes from technology (you can find those posts here and here), and I still do it sometimes (especially when I know I have enough energy to be using my mind for more than listening to music).

Because my ears were not flooded with the sound of the (wonderful) music in my Ipod, I could hear the sounds surrounding me a lot better, and I discovered, once again, that nature itself plays an array of different types of music every single day, if only we care to listen.

The wind was blowing softly, and when passing through the branches of the trees around me, it was playing with the few leaves that were still hanging on to the place they have called home during the summer months.

From time to time, I could still hear a bird or two, which was probably not singing, but merely calling out to another bird. That, too, sounded like music.

Hearing this made me think that there is more music in nature than we realize on a day to day basis.

Have you ever heard the waves of the ocean splashing against the shore, before returning to their home?

Or perhaps the divine purl of a river, which is in a constant rush to meet its sea?

Even the wind, when it becomes louder, is a feast to the ears.

Finally, there’s always that wonderful sound of the rain, as its drops fall softly to the ground, and create the most relaxing music that the world has to offer.

Music is indeed all around us, isn’t it?


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