The Anatomy of a Great Day

Via Wikipedia

So, what’s a great day really like?

You see, I love having great days, but it seems to me that in our habit of chasing perfection, we’ve forgotten to appreciate days that are not quite perfect, but that are great, nevertheless. In doing so, we fail to enjoy such days to the fullest.

It’s hard to give a clear definition of a great day. Sometimes, it’s a day that has gone according to plan, yet other times, it’s a day where you were taken completely bu surprise, and done something you never thought you would have done.

Some great days are filled with happiness, while others are filled with a sense of melancholy, or even sadness. Usually, however, it’s a calm sort of sadness, not the kind that’s explosive and painful.

There are great days that are peaceful, sort of like a sunset that tames the bright sky, and makes it submit to the darkness. Other such days, however, are very stressful, to the point of tears even.

With such a wide variety of great days, it’s hard to realize when you’re going thorough one. Indeed, there are some days, especially the very stressful ones, that you probably quite positively despise at the time they’re happening. It’s not until much later that you figure out that that particular day was actually wonderful.

Though it’s extremely hard to describe such a day, I believe I might have figured out what all such days have in common: they help you grow. After a great day, you’ll become a better person. You’ll know more. Now, that knowledge doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be something as basic as “I know that I am strong”.

This is what a great day is like!

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