The Wonder of Autumn

Via Wikipedia

A few days ago I had a really beautiful experience that I’d like to share with you. Now, don’t expect anything grand, because it won’t be. It was quite an insignificant moment in the grand scheme of things, but you know what? It’s the little things in life that eventually add up to a wonderful time, so there it is…

I was walking home, listening to a very beautiful track about autumn. The wind was softly blowing through the trees, and at some point, it became just a little bit stronger. Not enough to bother anyone, but quite enough to make the leaves from the trees fall down.

It was a lovely sight, seeing the leaves float in the air, going lower and lower, until they touched the ground, which was already filled with the ones that have fallen before them.

That moment, for me, was absolute perfection, and it made me extremely happy to be lucky enough not only to have lived it, but also to have paid attention to it, because that’s what’s often lacking. There are many gorgeous moments that pass us by, but if we don’t lift our heads up to look at them, it’s as if they were never here.

Fall is a wonderful season, which has so many beauties to offer. The colors that surround you when you’re out walking are truly amazing, while the wind, the rain, and the fading sun all add to the wonder of each and every sight. No filter can match that sort of splendor, can it?

/Larisa 🙂


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