When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough


Trying to do something, and then failing at it utterly is never fun. And I mean never. There is only one thing that can make failing fun, and that is succeeding at that task later. (I spoke about this in my last post)

The problem is that sometimes, you keep on trying and trying and trying, and that success doesn’t seem to want to come. It just won’t.

And it sucks, especially when you feel as though you’ve given all that could, all that you had to that one task. When you’ve given your best, but you haven’t achieved what you were hoping to achieve, what do you do?

Do you back down, and try to look for something else to put your efforts into, or do you keep on trying and trying until you’ve finally succeeded?

There is no simple answer here, sadly. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…”No clear-cut answer in something to do with real life?! How very shocking…”

Indeed, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that things are usually more difficult in life than they seem, or than they should be. However, at least for me, this never ceases to be frustrating.

But here are my two cents on the whole matter: it all depends on enjoyment. If you’re doing something, you’re giving your best, and you’re not where you wish you could be, it’s ok. That is, as long as you’re still enjoying whatever you’re doing. If you feel good about it, and it makes you happy, keep at it. Chances are, there will come a day when your best will be good enough. Who knows? There might also come a day when your best is better than good enough.

Now, don’t think that the minute you start disliking or getting frustrated at something you usually like to do, you should quit. Goodness, not at all. There will always be times when you’ll feel frustrated, especially when you’re constantly putting in the best you can, but the results don’t seem to show that.

When you should really start thinking about whether something you like to do has turned into something that you used to like to do is when you’re feeling frustrated most of the time you’re doing it.

In essence, if Frustration > Happiness, or Enjoyment per total, it’s time to reconsider your position. Until then, keep at it!


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The Flavor of Success


“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”Β 

-Truman Capote

Failure is something we all dislike, because there is nothing pleasant about attempting to do something, and not succeeding in that which we have wanted to achieve. Some people take a failure harder than others: they might see that failure as essential to their character, and thus, identify with it. However, there are people who look at a failure and realize that it’s just a set back. The fact that they didn’t succeed the first, second, third, or hundredth time doesn’t mean that they won’t ever succeed. All they have to do is keep looking for ways.

However, once success comes, it becomes that much better. You see, here it’s not just about the success itself, though this, too, is important. Of course it’s a great feeling to know you’ve achieved something thorough your own efforts. However, what’s even better than that is knowing that you didn’t give up. That no matter how many times you couldn’t succeed at something, you simply kept trying and trying, until it was done.

Being successful is great, because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. But when this sense of accomplishment is combined with the sense of perseverance, it becomes that much better.

Like Music to My Ears

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Today when coming home, I decided to turn my Ipod off, so that I could keep my mind clear enough to get my thoughts in order. I have spoken before about the benefits of unplugging sometimes from technology (you can find those posts here and here), and I still do it sometimes (especially when I know I have enough energy to be using my mind for more than listening to music).

Because my ears were not flooded with the sound of the (wonderful) music in my Ipod, I could hear the sounds surrounding me a lot better, and I discovered, once again, that nature itself plays an array of different types of music every single day, if only we care to listen.

The wind was blowing softly, and when passing through the branches of the trees around me, it was playing with the few leaves that were still hanging on to the place they have called home during the summer months.

From time to time, I could still hear a bird or two, which was probably not singing, but merely calling out to another bird. That, too, sounded like music.

Hearing this made me think that there is more music in nature than we realize on a day to day basis.

Have you ever heard the waves of the ocean splashing against the shore, before returning to their home?

Or perhaps the divine purl of a river, which is in a constant rush to meet its sea?

Even the wind, when it becomes louder, is a feast to the ears.

Finally, there’s always that wonderful sound of the rain, as its drops fall softly to the ground, and create the most relaxing music that the world has to offer.

Music is indeed all around us, isn’t it?


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The Anatomy of a Great Day

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So, what’s a great day really like?

You see, I love having great days, but it seems to me that in our habit of chasing perfection, we’ve forgotten to appreciate days that are not quite perfect, but that are great, nevertheless. In doing so, we fail to enjoy such days to the fullest.

It’s hard to give a clear definition of a great day. Sometimes, it’s a day that has gone according to plan, yet other times, it’s a day where you were taken completely bu surprise, and done something you never thought you would have done.

Some great days are filled with happiness, while others are filled with a sense of melancholy, or even sadness. Usually, however, it’s a calm sort of sadness, not the kind that’s explosive and painful.

There are great days that are peaceful, sort of like a sunset that tames the bright sky, and makes it submit to the darkness. Other such days, however, are very stressful, to the point of tears even.

With such a wide variety of great days, it’s hard to realize when you’re going thorough one. Indeed, there are some days, especially the very stressful ones, that you probably quite positively despise at the time they’re happening. It’s not until much later that you figure out that that particular day was actually wonderful.

Though it’s extremely hard to describe such a day, I believe I might have figured out what all such days have in common: they help you grow. After a great day, you’ll become a better person. You’ll know more. Now, that knowledge doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be something as basic as “I know that I am strong”.

This is what a great day is like!

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When Writing is Bliss

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To me, writing is wonderful. Writing is where I want to go when I feel stressed, sad, confused, worried, but it’s also the place I want to go when I feel happy, fulfilled, and at peace.

Writing is to me that place where I always return, no matter where I am in life. It’s the place I might abandon one day, saying that I grew bored, but to which I never fail to return every single time.

A writer once said that writing, to her, was home, and indeed, home it is to me too.

Home is not necessarily a place, though it can be. But even when it is, it’s not about the space in it of itself. It’s not the walls of a house that make it a home. It’s the memories that took place within those walls; the dreams, the hopes, the love, the hate, the happiness, the sadness, and the peace that you’ve felt in that place. All of that is what makes it home.

Home is a state of mind, one where safety takes over, and all the problems from the outside world start to fade. Like drops of rain hitting a glass window and failing to reach the other side, those problems have no power over you once you’re in that place.

Writing is that place to me. Writing is the “what”, and the “where” I come back to time after time, like a child returning toΒ the arms of her mother. However, the experience here is different. Though writing has shaped me, I am the one who also shapes it, each time I sit down to do it. In that, I am both the mother and the child, seeking comfort in one another.

What is your home? πŸ™‚


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Why Love Rain?

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via Pixabay

Vancouver is known for its rainy weather…Sometimes it feels like it’s the only kind this city has (though, of course, this is by no means the case).

Because of this, it’s quite easy to get annoyed with this weather, especially when you’re wearing really nice clothes that get completely wet by the time you reach your destination. The worst is when you don’t realize it will rain that day, so you wear clothing that’s completely inappropriate for what’s going on outside. I had this happen to me the other week, when I wore my oxfords. The result was that I had my pants soaked way above the ankle. The weather sure has its way of letting us know it’s time to change the wardrobe, doesn’t it?

Let’s not even think of the tragedy of forgetting the umbrella home. Despite the fact that I’m quite good when it comes to having an umbrella with me at all time (you’re not tricking me, Sun!), it happens every once in a while that I leave it at home…Now I’m a lot better at it, because I have a small umbrella, that’s nearly glued to my bag, so that this doesn’t happen again.

Despite all these problems that rain brings with, it is also something to appreciate, because it brings a lot of benefits. I won’t go here for the obvious ones (like, not having to water your plants all the time). So, let’s have a look:

1) Rain is relaxing

Goodness gracious! It’s one of the best therapies out there, I kid you not! There are few things that are as amazing as the sound of rain, falling on the pavement, on the window, or even on my umbrella. It’s like a magic eraser, that takes away all the worry and stress that I accumulate during the day.

2)Rain is beautiful

Have you ever actually looked at rain? I don’t mean just to see it, because we all do that, at least when we’re walking through it. The way the drops fall, and splash into the puddles on the ground is magnificent. There’s few things that are as beautiful as the subtle sparkle that rain brings to everything it touches.

3)Rain is motivating

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have a hard time getting things done when it’s sunny outside. Instead of thinking of my homework, or whatever else needs to be finished, I tend to think of how much I’d like to go take a walk, or just sit somewhere in a park and listen to birds sing. Well, guess what? I never think of this when it’s raining, because as beautiful as the songs of birds are, I’d rather stay dry. So, I stay at home and work and work and work.

4)Rain is practical

Do you own a car? Do you hate to get it washed? Let the rain do all that for you! For only the cost of the gas you’ll use while driving around town in the rain, you’ll get a decently to not-so-decently done job. Boom!


I hope you enjoyed this list of benefits that rain brings with it πŸ™‚



The Wonder of Autumn

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A few days ago I had a really beautiful experience that I’d like to share with you. Now, don’t expect anything grand, because it won’t be. It was quite an insignificant moment in the grand scheme of things, but you know what? It’s the little things in life that eventually add up to a wonderful time, so there it is…

I was walking home, listening to a very beautiful track about autumn. The wind was softly blowing through the trees, and at some point, it became just a little bit stronger. Not enough to bother anyone, but quite enough to make the leaves from the trees fall down.

It was a lovely sight, seeing the leaves float in the air, going lower and lower, until they touched the ground, which was already filled with the ones that have fallen before them.

That moment, for me, was absolute perfection, and it made me extremely happy to be lucky enough not only to have lived it, but also to have paid attention to it, because that’s what’s often lacking. There are many gorgeous moments that pass us by, but if we don’t lift our heads up to look at them, it’s as if they were never here.

Fall is a wonderful season, which has so many beauties to offer. The colors that surround you when you’re out walking are truly amazing, while the wind, the rain, and the fading sun all add to the wonder of each and every sight. No filter can match that sort of splendor, can it?

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