School, Stress, and Life

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Do you know the feeling when classes start, and you’re super excited about the new year that lies ahead of you?

No, not really? Ok, so I might be the only one.

Anyway, point is, I was really happy about the opportunity of learning new things, particularly since all  of my courses seemed fascinating. Then…well, then reality happened.

You know reality, right? It’s like that annoying person that constantly points out the literal meanings of things: “Dude, what do you mean her eyes are as bright as the stars? You can’t even look at the stars…” or “It’s raining cats and dogs outside? Cats and dogs don’t even rain…”. Well, I’ll admit that occasionally, I am that person. But I can still appreciate metaphors, unless they’re not too ridiculous.

Oh, but back to reality: it has such a sweet way of destroying hopes. Not always, but it seems to have a special talent for that… So there I was, thinking this term is going to be perfect. I kept thinking that until it started.

It took me a rather short amount of time to realize that this was not going to be the case. Juggling working as a writer and being a full time student is intense, to say the least. Not that I don’t like these two occupations…in fact, I love them! However, it’s like combining two really cool solutions in chemistry, which, on their own, are perfectly alright. Put them together and.. BOOM!!

Stress has been bubbling up in my head like a carbonated drink does when it’s agitated. I’m just hoping that once I open the “bottle” it won’t explode.

I’ve talked about stress before, and I mentioned how good stress is good for you, because it motivates you to do the things you ought to. But then there’s bad stress…the kind that makes you go out of your mind, but it fails to actually do its job.

Our society is very talented at stressing us, because of the kind of “ideal” that it promotes. This is understandable, in part, but once you realize how bad chronic stress is for the brain, you’ll probably start hoping that society would just take it down a notch.

But when that’s not an option, what’s left for us to do? Well, we have to take it down a notch ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we have to quit the job that sustains us (unless there’s certainty of another one), or that we have to self-medicate with alcohol, and other dangerous substances. Yet, we do need to self medicate somehow. Even a simple walk is sometimes efficient at lowering stress. Other times, a run might be a better candidate. Really, it should be something you enjoy doing, because otherwise there’s no point.

So this is my challenge to you: think of what can bring that stress level down, and do it. It’s not just your short-term happiness that’s at stake, but also you long-run well being.



One more day, by Staymiscellaneous

Have A Break… Have A KitKat!, by Apricots and Cream



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