I Need More Power Outages, Please!

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Today was one of those days when I woke up, turned on my laptop, and waited for the internet to come, only to realize that it won’t. There was a power outage, thing which I should have realized when my plugged-in laptop was telling me it’s not plugged-in. However, thanks to my morning brain, this realization came much later than it should have.

So there I was, staring at my laptop’s screen, hoping for a miracle. After some time of waiting in vain, I decided to get up and start my day. I had a few brief moments of an existential crisis, since beginning my day meant checking my email. Now, when that was gone, how could I start my day? What do people do in such circumstances?

After finally figuring it out, I decided the best way of going about my day was to start reading. I’m behind on that as it is, so it was perfect. I did this for the following hour, hour and a half, and then I decided it was time to change activities. However, with so many of my options revolving around technology, I was once again at a loss.

As I was looking around my apartment, I saw my dog’s leash, which gave me a wonderful idea! Why not spend the remaining time I was stuck in that power outage by spending time with him? I did just that, and let me tell you, this day ended up being one of the best days in a long time.

I love spending time with my dogs, but when technology is readily available, I always find my day revolving around it. There’s always an email I have to write, a fact I have to check, or just some other thing I have to do. But  when all that’s taken away, I find myself having all this free time that I can spend doing other things.

Today, I noticed for the millionth time how gorgeous the blue of the sky is. Truly, the glass of my window takes a lot of its beauty away.

I also noticed today, once again, how beautiful the songs of the birds are. I have many songs on my Ipod, yet none of them manage to achieve the level of splendor their songs have.

And of course, then there was my dog. I can easily say he spent the first few months of his life in my arms, which means I know him very well. But it wasn’t until today that I noticed how curious he is. Spending so many hours with him, I saw that he absolutely had to inspect anything that came his way. Whether that was a plastic bag, a leaf, or an ant, it didn’t matter to him!

The world around us is filled with things we fail to notice from behind the wall of technology we’ve created. Perhaps these things are little edges of your dog’s personality. Perhaps they’re more important things than that, such as the problems of a friend.

This power outage made me realize just how good it is to step away from technology from time to time, and immerse ourselves in the world around us. Who knows what we’ll notice?


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2 thoughts on “I Need More Power Outages, Please!

  1. I enjoy unplugging myself from technology from time to time to allow myself time to refocus from the distractions I create with it. Great post!

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