Spring’s Lessons


I was taking a walk recently in the midst of trees blooming and the caressing light of the sunset, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. It seems to me that spring is just the perfect season for realizing how beautiful life is, but also for understanding that there’s little time to take in all that beauty. I do realize that I’m making some pretty solid claims, so I’ll explain myself.

The first part, that spring reminds us of beauty, I think is pretty self explanatory. It’s hard not to think so, when everything around you is dressed up in nature’s most beautiful attire. Wherever you turn, there’s a beautiful scent to welcome you. When the wind comes out to play, it starts raining with soft petals. Sometimes, the same wind takes those petals and pulls them up in the air, as if trying to show them off to the world.

I think there’s something to be said about the contrast between spring and winter, because it plays a big role in accentuating spring’s beauty. I don’t mean to say that winter is ugly in comparison, because it surely has its own elegance. However, seeing the branches of trees that have been deserted, fill themselves not with leaves, but with flowers, which are infinitely more beautiful, is quite the spectacle. Where there has been silence, now there’s the song of birds to occupy it. After three months of silence, the most beautiful song in the world sounds even more dazzling than it would have normally.

As for my second claim, that spring reminds us of the limited amount of time we have, it might not apply to everyone. For me, however, it does just that. As I’m admiring the view that surrounds me, I cannot help but think of the fact that it will not last for long. The trees will soon lose all their flowers, and leaves will take their rightful place. It’s not a tragedy by any means, because the deep green of those leaves is bound to delight the eyes that fall on it. But you see, we get to spend so much more time with that green than with the white or pink that flowers wear, that it’s easier to get bored of it. And so, we find ourselves in a constraint when it comes to the flowers of the trees. We love them, but we won’t spend a lot of time with them.


This makes me want to take advantage of every moment I get to enjoy them. I take more walks, I take my nose out of my phone more, and I also find myself looking out the window more. Even when there’s something else I have to do, I prefer to do it outside. So I’ll often take my notes, and study in the park. The fact that I do all this just to get to spend more time with spring is quite unique. Normally, I don’t go out of my way to do things like these. If there’s something I want to do, but don’t have enough time for it, I simply tell myself I’ll do it later.

And that’s precisely where I’m wrong. I don’t have all the time in the world, as I seem to think. While I’m busy finishing whatever needs to be finished, the world around changes. It might change so much that by the time I could do the thing I wanted to do, that thing will no longer be there. Even if it will remain, my attitude towards it might change, so that I won’t want it anymore. “So what?”, you might wander, “if I don’t want it anymore, then where’s the trouble?”. Well, the trouble is that you wanted it at some point, but you didn’t do anything about it. You essentially lost a chance at doing something you would have enjoyed in that moment.

Now, I’m not saying that people should always do whatever they want, and forget about responsibilities. In fact, I think we should never forget about responsibilities. But we should learn to balance them.

As I’m looking out the window now, there are very few trees with flowers left. I do feel a hint of regret in me, but at the same time, I feel happy with myself for having taken advantage of what spring had to offer. I haven’t grasped the appreciation technique quite completely, but I’m starting 🙂




Let me know what you think!

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