The Results Are In: Has Memory Month Improved My Memory?

In the beginning of the memory month challenge, I took three tests to see how my memory was doing at the time. If you want to see my initial results, click here.

I wanted to keep everything as similar to the last time I took the tests as possible. So, I took it on a Saturday, at around the same time, and with the same music playing in the background. Anyway, let’s have a look:


So, I’ve improved by one. In fact, I might not have even improved, because the first time I took the test, I scored an 8, like last time. Then, I did it again, and I got a 9. Then again, and it was still a 9. This isn’t such a great result, but I’m OK with it, because I wasn’t even expecting an improvement in my ability to remember numbers. That’s because I didn’t work very often with them this month.

Thankfully, I only took the remaining two tests once.

On to the next:


Now this I’m happy about! I improved by 4, which is quite exciting. My score at the beginning of the challenge was below average, and I was disappointed with it. At the time, I guessed that my low score was due to the fact that I don’t have to remember strings of random letters as much as I have to remember strings of random numbers (like in a phone number). However, this month I’ve worked quite a bit with letters, especially in the first week, when acronyms took center stage.

Now, on to the final test:


I’ve improved by five, which is pretty sweet. There isn’t much to say about it other than that 😀

So, a possible stagnation, or a minor improvement when it comes to numbers, and quite significant once when it comes to letters and words. I’ll happily take that result!



  • Want to do take the memory tests I took? Click here!

Let me know what you think!

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