Memory Lessons: 5 Things Memory Month Taught Me

Now that what I termed “Memory Month” is officially over, I wanted to let you guys know what I’ve learnt from it.

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1) Memorizing Can Be Fun

…if you do it correctly, that is. I think this was the most surprising thing I learnt this month. If you make memorizing/ remembering things fun, you don’t have to feel miserable every time you have to recall something. Visualizing, and the method of the Memory Palace are the ones that bring in the most creativity in the whole process. As I’ve shown on day 18, memorizing a poem can be nearly effortless if you picture it in your mind. Also, remembering lists doesn’t have to be a pain! Simply employ your Memory Palace, and you’re good to go. It’s like having your agenda imprinted in your mind!

2) Remembering Something, Despite Forgetting It: It’s All about Preparation

As you’ve seen from this month’s journey, I’ve had days when things didn’t go as they were supposed to. We all have those kinds of days. For me, it was mostly the stress that made me be all over the place, but there were also a few weird days where I was feeling a little off. It’s normal, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. As I’ve shown in my day 5, and in my day 13‘s post, a little preparation can go a long way. When you’re feeling good,try your best to prepare for whatever task you have to accomplish in the future. That way, stress and being a little off won’t stop you from being successful and organized.

3)Stress Can Be Good for You

I’ve had quite a few days this month in which I was pretty stressed out. However, I soon realized that stress isn’t all that bad, as long as you can get the hang of it. In fact, it might just help you be more motivated, and even have more energy when you most need it. My post on day 14 was especially demonstrative of the fact that stress is not all bad.

4) Turning Music Off from Time to Time is a Good Idea. But It Depends on What Kind of Music It is

As I’ve discussed at length on the third day of the challenge, sometimes it’s a good idea to turn off the music and enjoy a few moments of silence. If you have thoughts that are running wild in your mind, let them! At some point, they’re going to settle down, and you’re going to be left with a clear mind. This clear mind is going to be a lot better at absorbing new information and at paying attention, which is exactly what you need in order to have a good memory.

That being said, it depends on what type of music we’re talking about. Generally speaking, songs that come with lyrics are big distractions. On the other hand, music with no lyrics, such as classical music, increases attentiveness, and hence, the likelihood of you remembering something.

5) Sometimes We Forget…And That’s OK

In the last post of this challenge, I talked about people who remember nearly everything from their lives, and I pointed out why that’s not as good as it sounds. We all forget things, and sometimes, it happens that we know we’re forgetting something, but we don’t know what. On those frustrating occasions, the best we can do is learn to stay calm, and wait. Eventually, we’re probably going to remember that thing. Even if we don’t, staying calm is better than freaking out.

I’ll try my best to keep all these things in mind, and I believe my experience with remembering things will be a much more pleasant one.


Let me know what you think!

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