Memory Month Day 26: Working Out the Memory

Just as a physical workout does wonders for the body, so does a mental one for memory. In fact, this is what this entire month has been about. Today, however, I had a realization that I think is pretty awesome.

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As I was walking along the street, I was trying to think if there was anything that I have to remember, for which I could use the Memory Palace. In the end, I realized there wasn’t for this day. I sighed, regretting the fact that I’m missing out on what I’m supposed to be doing this month, which is work with my memory.

Anyway, as I kept walking, I noticed that there was a car on my way. Every day I passed that specific area on my way to uni, and that car was always there. So I looked at its license plate, wondering if it seemed familiar. I mean, after seeing something every day for a few months, you’d expect I would feel as though I knew that license plate. Nope. I didn’t. The reason is that I never thought to pay attention to that. I just sort of looked at the car, noticed it, then looked away.

So…can you guess what I ended up doing? I memorized the license plate! Is this a little bit on the creepy side? Perhaps…A little bit stalkerish, maybe? Yeah, just a tiny bit. Though I should say I have no idea who owns the car. However, I realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to give my memory a workout, and see what happens.

I still can remember the license plate. Of course, I’m not going to tell you what it is, because it doesn’t sound like a good idea. I don’t know exactly why this is so,but  there’s something in my mind that becomes horrified even at the idea of doing this.

Regardless, what I wanted to say, with this rather strange example, is that there are constant opportunities for us to improve our memory. I’m not even going to explain just how much the internet can help with that, because it’s too obvious. But even while outside, on a walk, you can take advantage of countless opportunities to give your memory an edge!



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