Memory Month Day 24: Remembering is NOT the Same as Doing

Today has been a great day in terms of the challenge. In terms of taking action, however, today wasn’t the greatest…

DSCN0630I finally decided on the space I want to use as my Memory Palace. Not only that, but I also put it to use. How? Well, I had a list of things I had to do today. The most important item on that list was doing some research for my Cognitive Systems class. Despite its importance, I somehow managed to forget to do it a few days in a row, so I decided to change that. I imagined that on a stand close to the entrance in my Memory Palace there was a notebook that had “Cognitive Systems” written on it. Then, along the way I normally follow after entering the space, I “placed” other items that corresponded to the remaining things I had to do. One of them was studying for German (more on that below), and so I pictured my German textbook laying on the floor. So on and so fort. Oh, and just to let you know, I also had all these lists written down on my agenda. I needed a back up plan in case my Memory Palace would have crumbled! 😀

Thankfully, I was very much able to remember everything I had to do, and in the order I was supposed to do them. However, I also felt an ever so slight increase in stress, as I constantly went back to my Memory Palace to check whether I can remember everything. Of course, my reaction is due in part to a lack of trust in this technique, since I’ve never used it before. I’m hoping that as time passes, I will trust this technique more, and this will lower the stress associated to using it. Ideally, I should start to trust it as much as my agenda, though this seems a little too out of reach.

As for studying for German, I did most of it on the bus, which was great because this allowed me to do two things at once (travel AND study). Basically, it was vocabulary I had to learn, which meant that I could use last week’s visualization technique. For each word, I painted a very clear picture in my head of what it meant. At the same time, I repeated the word in German and in English, occasionally switching the order. For example, for the verb “to draw”, I imagined a piece of paper with a hand over it, drawing something. At first I didn’t go very detailed, but the more I repeated the words, the more I worked on the clarity of the scenario, until I could see even the pencil quite vividly.

These were my successes today. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, I also learnt today that remembering is in no way the equivalent of taking action. What happened was this: I had a list of six items I needed to get done today. The awesome part was that I remembered them all. The not-so-awesome part was that I could only do half. This was due to a time constraint so I don’t really mind not being able to do everything else. However, I will admit that it annoys me juuuust a little bit. I guess we all just have to accept that some victories come with lost battles as well.

Have you had a similar experience to this? Let me know!


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