Memory Month Day 23: Can a One Day Juice Cleanse Help Memory? I Hope So



Firstly, today I did a one day juice cleanse, which essentially meant I didn’t do anything that required a lot of effort. And yes, I’m talking about both physical AND mental effort. Obviously, I’m not saying I strapped myself on to a bed and started at the ceiling all day long. In fact, I still studied, read, and did nearly all other activities I would on a normal Sunday.  However, I took it slow, which means I had lots of breaks and rest times.

Now, since I’m on this topic, I have a few things I want to say about my experience. I can understand the idea behind juice cleanses. Aside from giving your body only healthy things to ingest, they also make sure you’re getting all the veggie servings you should be having. However, it is beyond me why anyone would want to keep up with a juice cleanse for more than a few days. I only did it for one day, and I can’t say I’m a big fan of feeling like I have no energy the entire time.

Related to this topic, but not quite there, is this article, which came out on February 21. What it discussed is that research has found lemurs that eat fruits perform better at spacial memory tasks. After reading this, I quickly looked on google to see if fruits also help human memory. It seems that this is indeed the case. So, I suppose I should have been eating tons and tons of fruits this month to give my memory an edge. Well, ’tis not too late. In fact, I should have already done so with the juice cleanse I followed today.



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