Memory Month Day 20: Not Every Day is Great

In celebration of the 20th day of the challenge, I….’m actually not going to write a lot. Today was a fairly insignificant day in terms of what I’ve decided to call “Memory Month”. In fact, most of it was spent working on school-related stuff. I’m sure you’d love to hear all about that, but I’ll spare you the details.


What I noticed today is just how often I actually have to remember things for short periods of time. I’m referring to the conscious process here, because if we are to truly open the topic of “working memory”, we’d soon realize that we constantly have to, and do, keep things in mind for short periods of times.

Working with statistics-related stuff (yes, that’s the technical term 😀 ), I constantly had to keep numbers in mind while I was switching from one window to another. Of course, more often than not, I’d forget them, and so I would have flip back to the previous window, find the number, and try to memorize it once again.

So I kept doing this over and over again, until I finished my assignment. And then, as I was taking a deep breath in and enjoying the feeling of having it done, I realized that had forgotten something. So, this month, I was supposed to make use of mnemonic devices whenever the chance would arise. Well, here I had the perfect chance, and I just let it go by. What I mean is that when I was trying to hold on to those numbers in my mind, I didn’t use their word equivalent. Yeah, they were on the chart I made before even beginning the challenge…

At first I was frustrated with myself, but then I realized something: not all days can be great. In fact, if you take into account every little thing that’s happened in that day, no day is ever great. This is why instead of chasing after perfection, we should all look for the things that did go well that day, and concentrate on those.

This is exactly what I did, and I realized that I had plenty of things to be grateful for! So here’s the advice for today: concentrate on what’s good, and try to ignore the bad. You’ll be a lot happier for it!



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