Memory Month Day 19: “I Can’t Remember!!!”

I bet you all know the feeling I’m about to describe: so you’re just going about your day, when you suddenly remember that there is something you were supposed to do. The problem? You can’t remember what it is you were supposed to do. And so you sit or stand, or walk about, desperately trying to remember what it is you forgot.


Or, let’s have a slightly different scenario: you have to hold a speech, or say something you’ve previously rehearsed in your mind a lot. At first, you start off quite well. Your confidence is up, which makes your speech seem better and better. Or, perhaps, you’re stressed, despite having had a good start, but you keep going. And then it happens. You forget one word, and you’ve suddenly lost track of everything. If someone was to ask you what your speech was about at that very moment, you’d probably have no clue.

Last semester, I saw a case of forgetting that turned out quite badly. In one of my classes, we were supposed to prepare a skit, in which we would act a sort of meeting between a few people. It was quite open to interpretation, which meant that we could do nearly anything with it. The skit was supposed to be largely improv, but we were allowed to create an outline of it, and even have a few flash cards. These were supposed to help trigger our memory, in case we needed that. Also, I should mention that we were going to use our own names, because that will play a big role later in the story.

Alright, my group was among the first to go up, and all in all it went pretty well. We did skip a few lines from the outline, but we ended up being able to cover those as well. No big deal! We kept calm, and kept moving forward.

So, after we were finished, we could relax and enjoy the presentation of other groups. Only, we didn’t expect that one presentation was going to be downright hilarious. Sadly, not on purpose.

The group goes in front of the class, and one member begins to say the first few introductory lines. She was doing pretty well, particularly because she wasn’t even looking at her set of flashcards. Then, she gets to the part where she had to introduce herself. And so she goes “And my name is….”. A short pause follows. Then, the entire class looks at her, as she desperately starts looking through her flash cards. By the time she finally found the flashcard that contained her own, real name, the entire class was laughing hysterically. And that includes the professor.

Point is, we all have moments when we can’t remember something. Luckily, most of those moments occur in private, and not in front of an audience. But regardless of the situation, there’s only one thing we can do. That thing is to simply stay calm. Now, I know this is waaay easier said than done. But it can be done, as long as you remind yourself to do it. Stay calm, and the information will come to you…eventually 😀 

That’s all for today! See you tomorrow, for the 20th day of the challenge 🙂


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