Memory Month Day 15: A Day Off at Last!

Today was a day of complete and utter mental rest. Well, come to think of it, that’s what it was supposed to be, but then I got frustrated that my phone wouldn’t connect to my laptop. It’s all in the little things, really…


Aside from this, however, I was quite happy.

Yesterday was the last day of “rhymify”, and I can’t say I was able to use it very much. However, because the this is the technique I’m using to remember numbers easier, it’s probably going to be the one that’s used the most this challenge. We’ll have to see about that though…

We’re entering the second half of February, which means that I only have two more techniques to test. This week it’s Visualize it, and the next, it’s Memory Palace week. Quuuite excited about both of them.

I’ve already started using the Visualize technique today, when I was out shopping with my friend. It was to remember the name of a perfume I was thinking of purchasing. I didn’t actually end up buying it, because I wanted to wait for a while and see if I still like it the next time I feel its scent. This is my little trick to make sure all the perfumes that make it into my collection are well-loved 🙂 .

The name of the perfume is Forbidden, by Victoria’s Secret. To remember its name, I concentrated on seeing the container it comes in as clearly as I could…All this while repeating its name. In my mind, that is…it might have been a little strange if I would have done it out loud. The great thing is that I managed to remember it. As proof I present you this very paragraph 😀

In connection to Memory Month, I found a wonderfully cute video that helps illustrate some of the mnemonic devices I’ve been using this month:

The first method he uses in this video to recall the names of the dogs is that of grouping things together. He mentions using themes for groups of dogs, and gives as example the “Grain” group. Of course, the other method he uses is that of visualizing. He remembers the way each dog looks in order to be able to attribute to it a name.

In fact, visualizing is one of the techniques we use quite a lot, particularly when it comes to remembering names. In order to be more successful at this task, we remember the face of the person and attribute their name to them. I remember noticing when I was younger that whenever I had a hard time remembering the name of a person, picturing their face in my mind helped me. I nearly always remembered their name a lot easier!

But back to the video! If you notice, Dallas’ father has a very hard time remembering the dogs’ names. My guess is that aside from failing to use the method of visualization, he also fails to spend enough time with them. Now, I don’t know this for a fact, so I might easily be wrong. But by the looks of it, the son appears to be more comfortable around the dogs. This suggests that he spends more time with them. I would also venture to say that he’s quite active in coming up with the names, which helps him remember them.

What I wanted to highlight, once again, is that memory is something you need to invest time and attention in. Usually, the more of one you invest, the less of the other you need. However, as far as I am concerned, I’d rather invest more attention and less time, so that I can memorize, or learn, things faster.

What would you be willing to invest more of?




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Let me know what you think!

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