Memory Month Day 14: The Good Side of Stress

Well, the best side of stress is the one you see as it’s exiting your life. That’s for sure. But this post is about the good side, not the best.


In the posts I’ve made the past few days, I’ve tried to speak of the fact that stress can be beneficial. Now that I’m finally done stressing, I can talk about it from a different perspective. We have the capacity to feel stress because it can lead to good outcomes. Don’t confuse good outcomes with feeling good. I don’t mean to say that if you’re stressing the right way, you’re going to feel good. What I do mean to say is that if you’re stressing the right way (which sounds a little silly…ok, maybe a lot silly), you’re going to achieve more.

Since I spoke quite at length about how stress can help you work on a certain task, I won’t insist on the matter. What I will talk about, however, is what stress does near the end. “Near the end” might be the moment you present that big project you’ve been working on. Or it might be the interview for your dream job. Or, like in my case, the exam you’ve been studying for (actually, if you want to be really accurate in making the comparison, the TWO exams you’ve been studying for).

I realized quite soon after waking up that I had a LOT of energy. Now, typically, I am not a morning person by any means. In fact, sometimes it takes me as much as a few hours to really wake up and function normally. Not today though. Today I woke up, and it was like I was on caffeine. I felt energetic and ready to take on the day ahead of me.

Before I went into my first exam, I bought myself some coffee and a small breakfast. Sadly, I had no time to eat anything before beginning to write. Also, as it turns out, I did not need any coffee at all. I already understood that before even purchasing my Vanilla Latte (which is absolutely delicious, by the way). However, I was afraid that this sudden surge of energy might start to evaporate into thin air. So essentially, I chose not to trust thousands of years of evolution, and I got a back up.

Thankfully, I did not need to drink from that back up at all. I did not need it during the first exam, and I did not need it during my second one (which was right after the first, mind you). I will admit that I had a few sips of coffee as I was writing the second exam, but not because I needed them. It was more like I wanted something to do. You know…keep things interesting and all that Jazz 🙂 . But I will tell you what I desperately did need: water. I am so very glad that I remembered to bring water with me, because I drank it like never before. Exams make me thirsty…who would have guessed?

So, there you have it: stress is good because it’s motivating and it gives you energy. It’s terrible while you’re experiencing it, but biology knows best. At least most of the time… 🙂

Have a good weekend!! 🙂



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