Memory Month Day 13: Paying Attention…and Memory Adventures on the Bus

Today I was quite proud of myself. Despite being ridiculously stressed out (yup, that’s still going strong), I managed to not get completely lost in the tasks I had to get done. Towards the beginning of this month, I had a day of forgetfulness, which was due to the fact that I was experiencing some stress. First of all, it was absolutely nothing compared to the stress of these few days. Regardless, it was enough to throw me off balance.


This time, I did not let that happen. Despite having to remember more than I have to on a normal basis, I was very successful at not screwing things up. The trick I used? Making sure I have things prepared the night before. So what I did was I prepared the notebook I had to take with me, the Philosophy assignment, and the gift for a friend. I placed them all close to my bag. In the morning, all I had to do was place the notebook and the assignment in my bag, and take the gift bag with me.

While on the bus, I ran into a different problem. I was lucky enough to find a place where I could put the gift bag, so it was safe from getting dirty, but then I had to concentrate on not forgetting it on the bus. That was a source of great worry for me. I mean, imagine how terrible it would have been if I would have left it there! Or, actually, you don’t have to. I think I imagined that scenario in my head enough for the entire world.

What I came up with was finding a word that rhymed with gift. So I came up with “lift”. That was the absolute best I could do, and I must admit it wasn’t very good. I tried coming up with a mini-poem, and well, that failed…So I ended up repeating gift-lift in my head over and over again. Thinking back, this exercise would have had the exact same effect if I would have just repeated “gift” on its own in my head.

The great news is that I managed not to forget the gift bag on the bus in the end. Yaaay for successfully remembering! 🙂

I’ll fast forward the story to the evening, when I studied. As a matter of fact, I took a break to write this post. As soon as I’m done, it’s study time again! The one thing that I am very excited about is that I managed to use the technique of grouping things together!

(Warning! The following paragraph will make little to no sense to those who are not familiar with the German language!)

If you’ve ever tried learning German, you probably know what a pain those endings can be. They take the fun out of that entire language. Today I concentrated on re-learning the endings for the definite and indefinite article in the accusative case. The endings are quite difficult to remember, because they are quite similar. You have to choose between “en”, “e”, or “es” for the singular form of the masculine, neuter, and feminine gender. And, of course, the plural gets its own ending as well. So here’s what I did: I came up with “ENEEEN” for words following the definite article, and “ENESEE”, for words following the indefinite article. These are pretty much the endings you need for masculine, neuter, feminine, and plural, in that specific order.

That’s about all for today! Write to you tomorrow! 🙂

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