Memory Month Day 10: Funny Numbers

Today I had to work with numbers the entire day. Well, nearly. Thankfully, I did not have to memorize all of them, because that would have been anything but fun.


I did, however, have to remember three of them: sixty, seventy thousand, and two hundred. They’re all connected to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as follows: it has been open for around 60 years, and they have almost 70, 000 people participating in their Big Bike event. These people are from around 200 communities.

Normally, I am terrible with remembering numbers. Seriously, it took me the longest time to memorize my cell phone number after I got it. It is also true that I didn’t put much effort into this at first, but still. I did glance over it a couple of times before deciding I don’t feel like memorizing it just yet.

That “just yet” turned into a few good months, before I decided I’ve had enough. Have you ever had to look into your phone before giving someone else your number? It looks slightly ridiculous.

The method I used then was repetition. That is, I repeated the number over and over until I had it down. But, unknowingly, I also used the technique of grouping things together (last week’s domain!). In fact, we all do when it comes to phone number, since we divide the string of digits into smaller, more manageable pieces.

This time, I tried a different technique, which was “rhymify”! What I did, in fact, was I used the handy-dandy  chart I created at the beginning of this challenge. Thus, 60 became bricks-ty, 70,000 heaven-ty thousand, and 200, blue hundred.

Numbers can be fun, if you know how to play around with them! That’s the lesson for the day 🙂


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  • For yesterday’s entry, click here.

Let me know what you think!

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