Memory Month Day 8: Something to be Said for Music

Yes, there’s still something to be said in favour of music. In the past posts, I’ve spoken about the importance of shutting your Ipod off, and enjoying some silence. If, on the other hand, your mind is too busy thinking, then learn to embrace those thoughts instead of shutting them up.


But music is so varied that more specificity is required. As a matter of fact, I often times enjoy listening to music while studying. The key here, however, lies in the type of music.

For me, classical music is my best friend when I have to prepare notes, study, do homework, or work. Even when I need to sit back and relax, Classical music comes to my rescue.

Is it the case that listening to classical music magically makes one smarter? Nope. But it has an effect that can easily be mistaken for becoming smarter, so hey! As long as it works, it’s great.

What actually does happen is that the brain becomes more alert when surrounded by such music. Because of this, its capacities are heightened, and so is performance. Music in general has the role of making our minds more alert, but when it comes with lyrics, this effect is diminished. Why? That’s because our minds use that heightening of their capacity to interpret the lyrics of the song. If that’s really important for you, then great! But, on the other hand, if you’re looking to focus on some other activity, having a part of your brain concentrating on some lyrics might not be the best idea ever.

So, today I listened to classical music while preparing a set of notes for an upcoming midterm. This helped me a great deal to concentrate, even though at some points, it was quite hard to do so.

Another thing I did today that pertains to the Memory Month challenge was working through concepts and trying to understand them fully. This may sound like a basic thing to do, but you have no idea how often I am tempted to just jot a concept down, and move on.

On the surface, this technique appears to be saving time. Once you start thinking about it harder, you realize that this is by no means the case. Well, if I have to keep going back to a certain page to check this concept over and over again, I am wasting time. Lots and lots of it. More so if I decided to skim over a concept that’s related to Statistics (which is what I was studying for today).

In Statistics, like in Math, concepts tend to build on each other, so understanding one may be key to understanding a second. So now you may understand even more why I would want to ignore the urge to treat any concept lightly.

In other news, today is the first day of the Rhymify week. As cool an idea as it may be, I was unable to find any use for it in the things I had to do. Of course, I hope I will be able to find a use for this technique quite soon…Or at least, by the end of its week (like I did with the acronyms). But then again…even if I don’t find any other use for this, I still have the digit-word association I created at the beginning of this challenge.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday 🙂



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