Memory Month Day 7: What Was that Acronym, Again?

Today was the last day of the grouping-things-together-and-acronyms week. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I didn’t have a lot of success in using either of these techniques.


However, I managed to “save” this week in terms of the Memory Month Challenge by finding a very useful acronym for one of my classes (see yesterday’s post for more details). Today, I got a chance to use that acronym on my midterm for the class.

Guess what? It worked wonders! Despite the fact that I could only really use it for one question (what a bummer!), I was able to employ it, and answer that question correctly. This was extremely exciting for me (more than it would have made sense, I must admit).

So,  I found something for which I can always use acronyms. That’s gotta count for something in terms of the challenge.

Another thing I successfully did today was embrace the silence. If you remember, in one of my previous posts, I talked about leaving my Ipod at home. Being without music constantly invading my mind was quite the experience.

Since today I had that midterm, I considered it to be the perfect occasion to let my mind wallow in information related to the class. This allowed me to focus more while I was writing the test. Or at least it allowed me to think I’m focusing more, which I would argue, is nearly the same thing.

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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  • For yesterday’s entry, click here.

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