Memory Month Day 5: A Time of Forgetfulness

You’re probably wondering why am I including a post on forgetfulness in a series that’s supposed to be about memory improvement. I’ve been wondering that myself, but I came to the conclusion that forgetting is very much connected to memory. It’s just that memory expresses the presence of something, while forgetting expresses the absence of that thing. Or, rather, the elimination of that thing. And by “thing”, I mean information.


Today was a day when forgetfulness took central stage. So much, in fact, that it shocked me. I’m usually better at being aware of things than I was today, but what can I do?

I’m assuming this sudden surge of lack of remembering is due to the fact that school work is getting quite stressful. I’m not that worried about it though, because I’ve always been able to handle it. The side effects of stress, however, suck.

I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing what I need for the next day in the evening. This is just to avoid stressing out in the morning, when I have a lot of other things to take care of anyway. However, I usually double-check everything in the morning. This way, I am always sure I have everything I need.

This morning, however, I forgot to go through that routine. I was tired, so I woke up later. This meant that I had considerably less time to do the things I usually do. After I finished getting ready, I ran out of the apartment, hoping to catch the first bus. I didn’t. Not only that, but I had the honor of watching it go as I was on the other side of the street. Always a painful experience.

Nevertheless, I was lucky that I could afford to miss it. So when the second bus came, I got in, happy that I managed to do that, since it was pretty full. I was feeling pretty great despite having such a strange start of the day. And then, it hit me: I hadn’t performed the usual check of the items I needed for that day. Normally, that’s not too big of a problem, though it can raise some inconveniences. This time, however, I really needed to have something on me.

Really, really needed it! It was an assignment that needed to be handed in on this day. See, the thing is, I had done it. I had finished it the night before. It would have been a huge shame if I would have been to get points deducted for handing it in late when it had been done.

So, I swam in this feeling that resembled panic for a few stops, because I couldn’t check my bag out of fear that the bus might start. Since I’ve had some experience with losing balance while on the bus in the past, I decided not to undergo that experience again. So I waited. And I panicked. And I waited some more. And then I panicked some more.

And then, I finally decided not to “suffer” thorough this any longer, and I took a peak in the contents of my bag. Thankfully, I could see the folder in which I normally place my assignments. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I was!

So, it seems that my forgetfulness today was counterbalanced by my attention to detail in the previous day. That’s always reassuring. However, because of this occurrence, and the fact that I was followed by a feeling that I was forgetting something for the rest of the day, I can safely say that today wasn’t very successful in terms of the memory challenge.

Maybe tomorrow it will be better. Who knows?


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