Introducing Memory Month: An Entire Month of Putting Mnemonics to the Test

So, I don’t know if you remember, but in December last year, I created a post on how to improve your memory. Now, improving the memory is something everyone wants, including me. So, I decided to take the mnemonic devices I presented in that post, and use them for an entire month. This is going to be February’s Challenge, if you will.

Each day, there will be a post in which I will let you know how the previous day went in terms of the memory challenge. I’m hoping that by the end of this month, my memory will improve. If it won’t, I’ll be able to say I’ve had an interesting experience. Well, hopefully.

So here’s how this month is going to be divided:

February 1 to February 7: Group things together and Acronyms

February 8 to February 14: Rhymify

February 15 to February 21: Visualize

February 22 to February 28: Memory Palace

I divided the month up like this just so that I have something to concentrate on each week. However, this doesn’t mean that I will never combine these methods. On the contrary, I’m hoping to be able to use them together for a better retention.

I am most excited for the last week, which is the Memory Palace week, though every single one of these mnemonics has exciting things about it. I obviously can’t ignore the fact that they all have their challenges, but then again…I’m calling this a challenge for a reason, right?

In preparation for this, I have already created a chart (which extends on two pieces of paper, but it’s still one chart), with all the digits. For each digit, I found a corresponding word that rhymes with it. Yes, I know this is already spilling into the second week, but remember what I said earlier! I will absolutely combine these techniques as often as possible. When it came to the numbers, I thought that this is the best thing I can do to help myself remember.


The video at the top is meant to give you (as it did me) a general method for helping with the memory process.

Basically, the idea is that the more you play around with something in your mind, the more likely you are to remember it. This is what these mnemonics devices do, essentially.

If you want to join me in completing Memory Month, please do so. If you’d rather just see how it goes for me, that works too. It’s going to be great 🙂



Let me know what you think!

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