Dealing with Rumors


Having what may seem like the entire world know personal things about you is an experience which can lead to trouble for most people. When these “personal things” are not even true, the experience is downright frustrating.

As people, we are accustomed to living very social lives, and that inevitably means that we care about others’ opinion about us. With this in mind, the reason behind the “tragedy” of having people gossip about you becomes clear.

Still, there are things you can do to minimize the effect such experiences have.

Learn to ignore the illusive mass of individuals we call “others”. Each one of these “others” is someone with an opinion and a standpoint that may be very different from your own. If you sit around trying to make every single individual approve of your actions and of you, you’ll wind up the most unsatisfied person in the world. Or at least at the top of the list.

There’s another thing you must try to ignore: the lie itself. If you concentrate too much on it, then you will tend to be more unhappy. But there’s something else that will probably happen, and that is that you will tend to talk about it to absolutely everybody, whether they know you or not. Stop yourself from doing that. Stand with pride, because that is how an innocent individual should stand. Don’t embrace the role of guilt by bending over and begging to people who may not even care to believe you.

Instead, focus on the people that do matter to you, and in this manner, you’ll manage to narrow the crowd down to a more manageable size. Even if you feel like these individuals should instinctively know that you would never do that, whatever it may be, try to talk to them about it, and tell them your point of view. In this manner, even if the one spreading the rumors is someone your close ones know, they’ll have both sides of the story, and they’ll be able to decide.


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