Be present in the present

Your mind is racing; constantly, desperately trying to solve various issues that worry you. Maybe you’re thinking of the job you need so much, the fight you had with someone you love or  the payments you still need to make. The problem with all this chatter going on inside your head is that it consumes your energy, and most times, even your happiness, without giving you anything in return.

This is why you need to learn to stop these demons from taking over your mental strength and from invading the only thing in the world that is meant to be yours one hundred percent of the time: your mind. What you can do is simple: live in the now.

1) Note everything that needs to be remembered down on an agenda

But surely, you can’t just forget about everything that you have to do, because that would be irresponsible. Of course not; instead, try putting all those things in an agenda, or create reminders for them on your phone, and then (and only then) forget about them. That is, until you must take action. By doing this, much of your mental clutter will go away, because you will no longer have to keep repeating things to yourself in order to make sure that you won’t forget about this or that.

2)Live like a child

No, I don’t mean that your should start breaking things by playing with objects which are not meant for toying around. Unless that makes you happy, and we’re talking about your own stuff. Hey, your purchase, your decision! However, what I meant is that children are pro when it comes to being aware of the things around them. They notice the world for the first time, and that’s why they pay attention to every detail, no matter how small or insignificant it may be. Growing up, we “learn” to act like adults, and sadly, in doing so, we forget to live.

Now it is the time to remember how to observe the world around you. Pay attention to the road stretching  in front of you, hear the songs of the birds that fill the horizons, feel the wind caressing your skin. Notice the people around: their faces, their voices, and remind yourself that behind them, there’s always a story that awaits its turn to be told to the world. In the evening, watch the sunset, and saturate your eyes with the ever-changing colors of the sky. Just like a person, each day has the potential to have its own story written down on a blank piece of paper. It would be a shame if, instead of creating a tale as unique as the day it corresponds to, you would choose to fill its white page with stories you already experienced, or with the ones that are not yet real.


3)Give your full attention to whatever it is you are doing

If you are working now, then work. If you are taking a walk, enjoy it. Too often we start daydreaming on the job, only to have reason to worry later that we haven’t carried out the task correctly. Be present in the present. Live each moment as it comes, as it begins to exist, but not a second sooner (or later) than that.

Follow these steps, and you’re bound to start feeling lighter, happier….better, right from the start.


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