Welcome to Life’s Books, a blog about books, life, and their interaction! Get ready to read about life and the stories born from it, as it is only life that can give rise to stories that are worth reading. You’ll also get all sorts of other things, such as lessons, advice, and random posts, all of which await you in the virtual pages of this blog.


Often times, when the world built between two covers collides with reality, the former gets shattered and looses all its glory. Yet, fragments of it make it through, becoming beloved survivors of a universe that stopped existing once the text in which it breathed was put away. It’s true that books hold the power of teaching us everything known so far, and also of giving us a glimpse of what is to come, so let’s pause together after reading each one, and try to understand what it is we just learnt. In other words, let’s identify the survivors I spoke of earlier, and add to their greatness by simply remembering them.